Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Making your braces stylish

Growing up is hard enough without adding braces into the mix. Some kids would rather live with crooked and spaced teeth for their entire lives rather than spend 18 months in braces. As parents, we can empathize with our children’s apprehensions.  The companies who are responsible for developing new dental technologies understand as well. That is why they have created many ways to sport braces without embarassment!

The Invisalign® system uses custom fit, clear aligners to move teeth into place. The aligners are fitted every few weeks to shift the teeth into the desired position. Invisalign®  is also very convenient for teens who play sports as the aligners can be removed before physical activity. Patients who choose Invisalign®  also need fewer checkups.

There are also mini braces that are 30% smaller than regular metal braces. They also come in gold and glow in the dark! Lingual braces are another way to straighten the teeth. The brackets are attached to the backs of teeth and no one will know they are there unless you tell them. Lingual dental braces can be worn by almost anyone unlike some of the other treatment options.

The new options in braces allow teens to use dental braces as a fun way to make a fashion statement. The brackets, which previously only came in silver, now come in clear, tooth-colored, and even gold. The wires and bands come in an almost infinite number of shades including metallic, neon, and every color in-between. The colors can easily be changed during routine visits with the orthodontist. Some teens match the colors to the holidays and others choose their school colors to show their spirit.

Despite the wide range of colors and options that dental braces offer, they are still an adjustment. As a parent, be sure to discuss the reality of wearing braces and the maintenance that is required for treatment to be successful. The new fashion options that braces offer are an added bonus that makes the treatment that much more bearable. Your orthodontist can share actual patient pictures of the various styles of braces and band colors to make the patient more at ease with the appearance of them. Orthodontists are skilled at explaining the pros and cons of dental braces and addressing any apprehension your teen may have.