Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sweet, Smile Friendly Valentine’s Day

Sweet, Smile Friendly Valentine’s Day
Is there anything sweeter than letting someone know they’re special on Valentine’s Day, and vice versa? Just as sweet gifts and gestures come in many shapes and forms, the same can be said of Valentine’s treats. From candy conversation hearts to huge boxes of assorted chocolates, Valentine’s Day is can be just as sugar packed as any other holiday.
Around this time of year, heart-shaped treats are offered in abundance around the office and in schools. For the sake of your teeth and your health, as well as those you love, the smartest way to express your Valentine feelings to choose a gesture or gift that bypasses the sugary, sticky sweets. That doesn’t mean having to spend more on holiday staples like flowers, jewelry and themed gifts. A special note, or gift that reflects the receiver more than the holiday, will surely mean more and last longer than a box of their favorite candy (no matter how big it is).
Still, if you can’t imagine a proper Valentine’s Day without sweets, you can find smile-friendly options that won’t ruin the mood. Here are some things to consider when treat shopping for your sweetie.
  • Go Dark – Dark chocolate typically contains less sugar than milk chocolate or white chocolate, which has more sugar and fat than cocoa content. The rich flavor of dark chocolate also means you can feel satisfied with a smaller amount; it’s a matter of quality over quantity.  
  • Skip The Assortments – Caramel, marshmallow, molasses, maple and other sticky fillings are very common in Valentine’s assortments. These chewy, sticky substances cling to the teeth, where it easily decays your enamel, and even worse, can dislodge dental work. Since chocolate assortment boxes are filled with these decadent downfalls, it’s better to choose a decorative box of one type of candy without a sticky filling, like a ganache truffle, chocolate covered nuts, or a bar of your special someone’s favorite chocolate. Assortment boxes also make it easier to pick and nibble throughout the day, prompting you to consume a lot more sweets than you realize.
  • Rely on Xylitol – Xylitol based candy is both diabetic friendly and a natural cavity fighter. Gum, lollypops, mints and more classic candies are available in Xylitol varieties. If you’re going to be baking your own treats this Valentine’s Day, the sweetener can be purchased by the pound and used just like sugar.  
Regardless of how sensible or sweetly you indulge this Valentine’s Day, always make sure to brush and floss after sweets and schedule a comprehensive cleaning if you’re due. Remember, there’s more to Valentine’s Day than gifts and sweets. Make sure you’re wearing a clean, fresh and kissable smile as well!


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